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Brian Schaible
Environmental Scientist
BS Biology with a Minor in Chemistry, Seattle University, Seattle, WA, 2000.
Coursework towards an MS in Environmental Science (PCB Kinetics in Algae). UOG Marine
Lab. 2001-2002 and 2007-Present.

Professional Summary
Mr. Schaible's primary responsibilities with APEC include assisting in project management and
operations management, research of guidance and compliance regulations, report writing, and
office administration.  Mr. Schaible provides expertise for environmental remediation projects on
the islands of Saipan and Guam, including groundwater remediation, soil remediation,
underground storage tank (UST) removal, wastewater management, asbestos abatement, lead-
based paint abatement, Phase I and Phase II site investigation, and post-typhoon hazardous
materials cleanup.

Mr. Schaible worked for the Water and Environmental Research Institute in Guam, USA, prior to
his employment with APEC.  Mr. Schaible developed environmental science skills ranging from:
Analytical wet chemistry i.e. GC/MS PCB analysis of biological tissues; Research development
and experimental design in environmental biological assessment, i.e., survey on the current
levels of PCBs in the environment surrounding the Orote Landfill; and Digital Cartography using
Differential GPS surveying, ESRI GIS and AutoCAD.

Professional Experience

CNMI Tier Two Facility Profiles Annual Report: Provided project oversight and reporting for the
Tier Two annual report. The purpose of the annual Tier Two report is to provide state and local
officials and the public with specific information on hazardous chemicals present at qualifying
facilities during the preceding year. Client:  CNMI Emergency Management Office (EMO).

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Lot Nos. 1, 2, 3 and 4, Block 4, Tract 259
Municipality of Tamuning, Guam:
 APEC conducted a Phase I Site Assessment of several
commercial lots.  The investigation consisted of expansive site reconnaissance, detailed written
and photo documentation, interviews with onsite and off site personnel related to the
geographic area, and report production.  Mr. Schaible's responsibilities included all aspects of
project development and project management, field reconnaissance, interviews,
documentation, and report production. Client:  Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.

Phase II Limited Environmental Baseline Investigation Lot No. 5075 Part-1, Dededo (Upper
Tumon), Guam:
 APEC conducted a Phase II Site Assessment of Lot No. 5075 Part-1.  The
investigation consisted of expansive site reconnaissance, detailed written and photo
documentation, interviews with onsite and off site personnel related to the geographic area,
report production, and sampling, handling, shipping and analysis of petroleum contaminated
soil. Client:  Maeda Pacific Corp., Guam.

Investigation Derived Waste Management, Saipan International Airport, Saipan, CNMI: APEC
excavated, drummed, labeled, stored, and shipped 57 drums of petroleum-contaminated soil
from the Mobil Terminal in Saipan to a soil treatment facility on Guam.  Mr. Schaible's activities
included organization and oversight of all activities related to the packaging and shipment of 57
drums from Saipan to Guam.  These tasks included: solid and hazardous waste regulations
research; DOT and US Coast Guard solid waste transportation regulations research; solid
waste manifesting; cost proposal development; coordination of shipping and trucking; and
drum loading oversight.  Client: Mobil Oil Marianas, Inc.

Household Hazardous Waste Cleanup Resulting from Super Typhoon Pongsona, Guam:
Under a contract with Environmental Chemical Corporation (ECC), a primary contractor for the
US Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE), APEC performed household hazardous waste removal
from residential areas throughout the island of Guam. Special circumstances included
extended work hours and working conditions in the aftermath of a natural disaster.   The project
involved coordination with ECC, hazardous waste hauling, logistical support, truck driving
services, and documentation.  Operations were conducted from January through March 2003.   
Mr. Schaible's responsibilities included supervision and management of a two-person
hazardous waste hauling team. Including scheduling, operations, subcontractor coordination
and mobilization-demobilization supervision.  Client: Environmental Chemical Corporation.

Disaster Relief Construction, Guam: Under a contract with Disaster Relief Construction (DRC)
a subsidiary of Telesource International, APEC assisted multiple hotels with a variety of disaster
relieve needs which included: water extraction, drywall repair, structural repair of doors,
windows, and walls, and mold/mildew abatement.  Mr. Schaible's responsibilities included the
supervision and management of all aspects of the field phase of the scope of work, with
particular emphasis on health and safety, construction operations, subcontractor and base
support coordination, client communications, budget monitoring, and
mobilization/demobilization arrangements.  Client: Telesource International.

Chalan Pago Former Exxon Service Station Site Remediation, Guam: APEC manages all
aspects of the Environmental Monitoring and Remediation activities at the former Exxon service
station.  Including performance of activities related to the investigation, characterization,
monitoring and remediation of groundwater contamination resulting from a leaking
underground petroleum storage tank. Mr. Schaible's duties include environmental compliance
report writing for remediation systems on site.  Mr. Schaible is knowledgeable in all historical
aspects of the remediation site and the development of the remediation systems. Mr. Schaible
is knowledgeable in subsurface remediation regulatory compliance, remediation system
maintenance, ground water monitoring well sampling, remediation system sampling and
ground water level measurements of 16 wells (11 monitoring wells, 4 extraction wells, 1 product
recovery well).  Client: ExxonMobil International Holdings, Inc.

AAFB Tumon Tank Farm, Environmental Services and Support of Demolition of Seven 2.2
Million Gallon Bermed Aviation Fuel Storage Tanks, Tumon, Guam:
APEC has provided
environmental support and services related to the demolition and disposal of seven 2.2 million
gallon bermed underground storage tanks (UST), piping, valves and appurtenances
contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbons, asbestos and lead.  Preliminary included site walk
inspections, cost proposals, scope of work preparation, work plan finalization, and mediation
between Serrano Construction and Development and AAFB.  Current work includes tank
contents sampling and analysis, soil sampling and analysis, ACM and LBP sampling and
analysis, and UST cleaning oversight in preparation for gas free certification.  Mr. Schaible was
involved in research, organizational, and draft writing aspects of this project.  Mr. Schaible's
duties included researching the Code of Federal Regulations, EPA and API guidance
documents as they relate to subsurface investigation, UST demolition, lead and asbestos
abatement, and hazardous waste identification and disposal.  While assigned to the field phase
of this project, Mr. Schaible's responsibilities included environmental oversight of field
operations.  Client: Serrano Construction and Development Corp.

Saipan International Airport Fuel Release (SIAFR) Subsurface Remediation and Investigation
Reporting, Saipan, CNMI:
 APEC conducted large-scale subsurface investigation to determine
the vertical and horizontal extent of contamination resulting from the release of approximately
6000 gallons of Jet-A fuel within the vicinity of 40 public supply wells.  Mr. Schaible's activities
included data management of all historical databases, air, groundwater and soil analytical data
archiving.  Mr. Schaible participated in a team-oriented atmosphere as a staff writer drafting and
finalizing the Cumulative Hydrocarbon Mass Emissions  Report for the remediation system.  
Client: Mobil Oil Marianas, Inc.

Underground Injection Control Permitting, Guam: APEC filed the Injection Control Permit
Application for the Y-Sengsong Mobil Service Station.  This project required site visits,
regulations research, client communications, Regulator communications, storm-water
sampling program development, and the development of an injection-well specific storm-water
sampling & analysis plan.  Client: Sinclair Knight Merz.

Professional Certification
40-Hour OSHA HAZWOPER Training, 2001
8-Hour OSHA HAZWOPER Refresher, 2004
PADI Medic First Aid, 2001
Red Cross Adult First Aid, 2003
Red Cross Adult CPR, 2003
DAN Oxygen Training 2001
American Academy of Underwater Science Certification, 130 feet. 1999
SSI Dive Master Certification
SSI Rescue Diver Certification
Class A, B, driver's certification