APEC performs hazardous materials and waste planning, management, characterization,
transportation, and disposal. Recent projects include:

Hazardous Waste Site Investigation, Mecheche, Guam: APEC performed a hazardous
waste site assessment for a 8,550 sq. meter parcel of land located in Mecheche, Guam, in
accordance with American Society for Testing and Materials Standard E 1903. Duties included
sampling & analysis of soil for metals, PCBs, pesticides, herbicides, and petroleum
hydrocarbons; recording of site conditions; and preparation of a site investigation report
including recommendations and cost estimate for clean up activities. Client: C.L. Taitano, P.C.
(Law Office)

Hazardous Waste Site Investigation, Dededo, Guam: APEC performed a hazardous waste
site assessment for a parcel of land located on Harmon Loop Road, Dededo, Guam, in
accordance with American Society for Testing and Materials Standard E 1903. The purpose of
the investigation was to determine environmental impacts to the property associated with
uncontrolled disposal of debris. Activities included site inspection, soil sampling and analysis, and
report production. Client: D. Hernandez (Property Owner Representative).

Heating Oil Release Emergency Response, Harmon, Guam: APEC performed oversight of
emergency response efforts triggered by a Thermia B Heating Oil release at an asphalt batch
plant. APEC supervised the excavation, removal, and storage of contaminated soil.
Responsibilities included the construction of a bermed, polyethylene lined temporary storage
area, digital photographic documentation, grab sampling, sample shipping and tracking, record
keeping, and interaction with Guam EPA. Client: International Bridge Corp. (IBC).

SARA Title III Tier Two Facility Profiles Report, Saipan, Tinian, Rota, CNMI: APEC
coordinated, managed, and trained CNMI agency personnel performing the start-up Superfund
Amendments Reauthorization Act (SARA) Title III, Tier 2 reporting project for facilities storing
hazardous materials on Saipan, Tinian, and Rota. Participating agencies included Emergency
Management Office, Division of Environmental Quality, Coastal Resources Management, and
Fire Department. APEC responsibilities included training CNMI agency personnel in conducting
facility site inspections; data entry, data management, and screening scenarios utilizing
USEPA/NOAA Computer-Aided Management of Emergency Operations (CAMEO) software; and
coordination with regulatory and public safety agencies. Client: CNMI Emergency Management
Office (EMO).

Hazardous Waste Management Course for Generators, Guam: APEC senior project
manager developed and instructed a 16-hour course specifically geared to Guam Environmental
Protection Agency (GEPA) regulations for hazardous waste generators. GEPA, U.S. EPA, and U.
S. Department of Transportation regulations were included in the syllabus. Clients: Various
Guam-based potential hazardous waste generators

Hazardous Materials Commodity Flow Analysis, Saipan, Tinian, Rota, CNMI: APEC
provided a comprehensive accounting of hazardous materials and their constituent chemicals,
quantities, and importers in the CNMI, in accordance with the guidelines outlined by the United
States Department of Transportation Research and Special Programs Administration (RSPA
1995). APEC produced a format for the creation and maintenance of a hazardous materials
baseline database using Microsoft Access software. Client: Saipan Emergency Management
Office (EMO).

Hazardous Materials and Waste Management Plan (HMWMP), Saipan, CNMI: APEC  
developed a hazardous materials and waste management plan for municipal utilities corporation
facilities on Saipan, Tinian, and Rota, including power generation, potable water production,
wastewater production, laboratory, and related support facilities. The HMWMP included relevant
management practices; federal and state regulations; labels and forms; and facility HM/HW
inventories. Client: CNMI Commonwealth Utilities Corporation.

Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Plan Update, CNMI: APEC prepared an update
of the CNMI Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Plan to aid EMO's effort to improve
preparedness, prevention and response capabilities related to hazardous materials in CNMI.
Activities included incorporating the resources of the CNMI Hazardous Materials Flow Analysis,
February 2002 and the CNMI Tier Two Facility Profiles Report, August 2002 into the current
CNMI Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Plan (HMERP); interviewing and coordinating
input regarding response capabilities from 22 relevant agencies to update information for the
plan; site visits and facility inspections on Saipan, Rota and Tinian; and on-site training of EMO
and agency personnel. Client: CNMI Emergency Management Office (EMO).

Harmon Hazardous Waste Site Investigation and Remediation, Harmon, Guam: APEC
performed management and oversight of investigation activities related to an un-permitted
hazardous waste storage site located on private property. APEC’s responsibilities included Work
Plan and QA/QC development; scheduling; sampling and analysis; and interaction with the Guam
Environmental Protection Agency on the client’s behalf. Client: Calvo Enterprises.

Investigation Derived Waste Management, Saipan International Airport, Saipan, CNMI:
APEC completed the inventory, management, packaging, shipping, and handling of investigation
derived petroleum-contaminated soil generated during the subsurface investigation of a Jet A-1
fuel release at Saipan International Airport. APEC shipped the investigation-derived waste (IDW)
from Saipan to a soil treatment facility on Guam in accordance with Department of Transportation
(DOT) and US Coast Guard shipping and transportation regulations. Client: Mobil Oil Marianas,

Investigation Derived Waste Management, Cocos Island Boat Ramp, Merizo, Guam:
APEC coordinated, supervised, and documented the transportation of investigation-derived
petroleum contaminated soil (PCS) generated during a UST removal and subsurface
investigation at the Merizo Cocos Island boat ramp. APEC transported the IDW to an on-island
soil treatment facility in accordance with DOT and Guam EPA regulations. Client: Mobil Oil, Guam.

Investigation Derived Waste Management, Former Chalan Pago Exxon Service Station,
Chalan Pago, Guam:
APEC completed the inventory, management, sampling and analysis, and
transportation of PCS derived from investigative soil borings. APEC transported the investigation
derived waste to an on-island soil treatment facility in accordance with DOT and Guam EPA
regulations. Client: ExxonMobil International Holding, Inc.

APEC/PDI Bioremediation Facility, Harmon, Guam: APEC, in conjunction with Pacific Drilling
Incorporated, obtained a permit and constructed a bermed and lined soil storage facility to be
used for bioremediation of petroleum-contaminated soil (PCS). APEC coordinated the shipment
of PCS from various subsurface soil investigation sites and stored and treated the soil in
accordance with Guam EPA, USEPA, and DOT regulations.
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