P.O. Box 5091
Agana, Guam 96932
Phone: (671) 477-7310
Fax: (671) 477-7311

PMB A-6 BOX 10001
Saipan, MP 96950
Phone: (670) 322-7709
Fax: (670) 322-7708

C. Thomas Polevich: Mr. Polevich is a hydrologist and senior manager responsible for APEC
corporate and project management, and has 16 years of experience in the field of
environmental consulting with 12 years of experience the Pacific Region. Mr. Polevich
participates in the following types of projects, at levels ranging from manager to team member:
groundwater/subsurface investigations and remedial actions; water resource
investigations/development; injection well design/permitting; geotechnical investigations;
seismic hazard studies; EIS and EA preparation; Phase I and II investigations; air emissions
studies/ permitting; solid and hazardous waste management; subtitle D landfill siting; design
and closure; Storm Water Monitoring Plan (SWMP) development; Spill Prevention Control and
Countermeasure Plan (SPCCP) development; master planning; and asbestos-containing
building materials and lead based paint inspection assessment and abatement oversight.

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Bryan Matz: Mr. Matz is an environmental field technician supervisor at APEC. He has 7 years of
experience as an Environmental Field Technician and currently supervises many of APEC's
environmental field operations. His responsibilities cover most environmental field operations
ranging from groundwater investigations, groundwater remediation, surface and subsurface
soil sampling, monitoring well drilling and development, soil remediation, and underground
storage tank removal.
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Brian C. Schaible: Mr. Schaible is a project technician and environmental scientist at APEC,
with 6 years experience providing technical support to environmental projects. Other
responsibilities include data management, research of guidance and compliance regulations,
report writing, and office administration.
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Work Crews: APEC currently maintains a crew of Certified Asbestos Handlers, Certified
Asbestos Supervisors and a Certified Asbestos Inspector. APEC also maintains a crew of lead
based paint abatement technicians and lead based paint abatement supervisors certified for
Occupational Exposure to Lead in Construction and General Industry. In addition, all APEC
employees that conduct field or technical work are 40-hour HAZWOPER certified.
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Robert Jordan: Mr. Jordan has 6 years of experience in the field of environmental planning and
management in Saipan. The offspring of Peace Corps volunteers on the islands of Yap, Robert
has called Micronesia home his entire life.  After graduating with honors from the University of
California, Santa Cruz with a Bachelor of Science in environmental chemistry, he returned to his
island home with the goal of bringing about efficient and practical solutions to the
environmental problems faced by island communities, as well as to aid in driving Micronesia's
environmental protection and management programs into the 21st Century.  Robert maintains
these objectives today and continues down the path of protecting our environment as an
Environmental Specialist for Allied Pacific Environmental Consulting.
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