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With expertise in these fields, APEC effectively manages a wide range of environmental issues
while limiting related costs. APEC has the project management, technical, and field operations
capabilities to ensure cost-effective, efficient completion of project objectives.
APEC environmental operations services include:
APEC environmental consulting services include:
The climate, geology, and cultures of the Western Pacific Region are unique. Projects in this
area require a firm with regional experience. APEC provides a comprehensive range of
services to address the environmental challenges encountered throughout the region.
APEC's success can be attributed to our expertise in developing innovative, cost-effective
solutions to the environmental challenges facing our diverse client base, which includes
government entities, small businesses, and multinational corporations.
Allied Pacific Environmental Consulting, Inc. (APEC) was founded in 1998 in Agana, Guam.
Originally focused on subsurface geology and hydrogeology, APEC has since developed into
a full service environmental consulting firm, with highly trained personnel based on the
Mariana Islands of Guam and Saipan.